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Product Management Courses Online That Can Boost Your Career

As a product manager, it is essential to stay on top of the market, new technology, and innovations in your industry. Online courses can help you attain additional certifications or just stay apprised of changes and new information that impact your work. Here are 15 online courses that can help you hone new skills regardless of your experience level.


Coursera is one of the foremost sites for connecting learners with courses in their field. With a wide selection of topics, scopes, and type of instruction, this site offers courses in product management for all industries. Some courses require a fee, especially if they result in a certification, though it is possible to find many free courses on the site. 

To learn more about data and market analysis to help you in your role, Strategic Business Analytics Specialization teaches you how to apply these concepts to your business and industry. Requiring a background in statistics or programming in order to get the most out of the content, the course teaches through case studies and culminates in a capstone project. There is also the option of printing a certificate once the course is completed.

For increasing your success in strategic planning, Brand and Product Management offers an approach that you can immediately implement. The course begins with the basics in developing new products and the difficulties with prolonging their life cycle. By the end of the course, you will have a strategy for translating your brand to the customer base as well as internally with the other stakeholders in your organization.

Leadership is an important skill for product managers and Agile Leadership can help you hone and sharpen your procedures.  This specialization includes 4 courses that progress through the methodology of Agile and provide you with a toolbox for organizing, leading, and facilitating your team. The course draws on social psychology and neuroscience in order to understand how people respond to change and ways to encourage them to welcome new challenges.


User Experience Research and Design Specialization is a set of courses that use UX concepts to guide you through creating products that better address consumer needs. The six-course series begins with a background on the research and design of UX and then instructs you in how to apply this to your industry and business. It culminates with a capstone project and offers a certificate of completion.

Keeping up with modern digital advances is essential for those in the technology and computer industries. Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals will discuss the fast-paced nature of changes to needs with digital products and how often user feedback is available and updates are required. This course will also help you create a focus and strategy for this modern digital product life-cycle in order to keep your team motivated and create a successful working environment.


Udemy is another landing site for a variety of online courses in the field of product management. Courses can be taken for a nominal fee and offer a variety of learning experiences, including case studies and printable resources. Many courses allow for self-paced learning and some even result in a certificate at the end.

If you are still hoping to land your job as a product manager, consider taking Master the Product Management Interview — The Complete Guide. For those without product management experience, this course will walk you through repackaging the experience that you do have in order to demonstrate competency for the role. The course will also take you through some of the common questions asked and how to use your skills and work in previous positions to demonstrate that you are the best fit for the job.

Another useful course for those newer to the field is Product Management 101. Designed for those with less than five years of experience in product management in the field of engineering, this course provides you with all of the essentials that you need to be successful. Specifically, you will learn about the spectrum of responsibilities, best practices for leading development teams, and lifecycle management.

For those who have been in the role for a while and have a lot of experience, Advanced Product Management: Vision, Strategy and Metrics are an ideal course to advance your knowledge. The course begins by helping you refocus and hone your vision and strategy in order to implement these with all of your stakeholders to develop your product. Additionally, the course will teach you how to collect, analyze, and apply metrics to inform your decision-making.

If you want to give your digital product an extra edge over others in the market, Build Persuasive Products can help you achieve it. This course uses psychological principles to help you understand how users think and what will attract the most to your product. You will also learn how to maintain engagement in your product and expand their interest into further products that you develop.


The EdX platform helps connect you with product management courses from colleges and universities around the world. These are typically standalone courses offered by the faculty at the educational institution but occasionally will incorporate several courses into a series that culminates in a certificate. Some courses charge a fee while others are offered for free.   

In order to learn more about product management within the field of IT, consider Strategic Applications of IT Project & Product Management. Offered through the University of Washington, this course covers the roles of project and product managers and how to capitalize on these positions to bring value to a business. This course is intended for those new to the position and offers a professional certificate upon completion.

The consumer base is one of the cornerstone groups of product development. Customer-Centric Innovation explores the process of creating and developing a new product, from the initial hazy concept to testing with customers. This course will help you manage each phase of an innovation project while always keeping the needs and desires of the consumer base in mind.

If you are interested in taking several courses in order to attain a specialization, Boston University offers Digital Product Management. This five-course series of graduate-level courses will provide tools, methods, and techniques for understanding user needs, developing roadmaps, and planning and communicating with various stakeholder groups. Additionally, practices in various industries providing digital products will be explored, and you will also gain insight into driving innovation within your organization.

LinkedIn Learning

In addition to offering professional networking, LinkedIn offers professional development. You can choose from individual courses or a learning path, which combines courses together into a series that supports your learning on a given topic. Additionally, the site offers short videos to provide you with quick overviews of terminology and concepts.

If you want to improve your approach to manage time and consumer needs more effectively, Design Thinking: Understanding the Process can help you get there. This course explores design thinking, a problem-solving approach that can be applied to your product development. You will also learn about challenges that you may face and how to help your team overcome them.

The process of creating and developing a product is moot if the consumer’s needs and interests are not there. Product Marketing Foundations helps you develop a deeper understanding of the product lifecycle and marketing at each stage. The information learned in this course will help you get a product to market that appeals to consumers and matters.

For those looking to maximize their working relationships at all levels, Managing Up, Down and Across the Organization can set you in the right direction. This course, taught by a leadership coach and consultant, gives actionable advice for connecting with those who work above, below, and beside you. In addition to learning how to stand out to your superiors and gain respect for your work, you will understand how to use your relationships with coworkers to advance your plans and strategies.